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Musashi the Muscle Bottom

Sometimes the little runts of the litter can be the ones who get aggressive. Skinny little bleach blond Kaoru is not the type you'd expect to be topping big bronze muscle god Musashi, but he's got something that gets Musashi's butt twitching. When they move in for a kiss, Kaoru gropes Musashi's crotch and guides him down onto the bed. He peels back the PeterFever t-shirt the hot muscle bottom wears stretched across his big thick pecs, and tickles a finger down into Musashi's crack. Twiddling the big guy's nip, Kaoru massages his nuts and sucks his thick brown cock.

The blond twink kneels over Musashi and fucks his prick down into his throat. With mouth open and tongue thrust out, it's plain that Musashi digs cock, wherever he can get it. Kaoru moves down and spreads the handsome bottom's legs to get his tongue into his crack. His finger drills deep into the tight hole and Musashi groans his approval. Rolling on a condom, Kaoru slicks his finger with lube and gets Musashi wet and open. He plows in with little resistance as Musashi closes his eyes and gasps for breath. A rivulet of lube leaks out and down the crack between Musashi's powerful glutes. Musashi's big cock flops in front of him as he rides Kaoru's stiff tool. The top twink grabs both of his muscleboy's nips and adds to the deep sensation. They turn and Musashi grabs the sheets while he takes a deep dicking from behind. Kaoru can't hold back, pulls out just in time to spurt a creamy shot into Musashi's waiting mouth.
Release Date2020-03-24